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About Me

My name is Estefany.

I want to share some recipes and content, I created with the intention of love, deep responsibility, and care for my body. I hope it will nourish yours as it does mine. I share my cellular-crafted meals, using meals and treats with a mindful strategy to achieve health goals.

I share my health practices, recipes, and ways of nourishment that have deeply impacted my life and have rooted me stronger in my presence and the way I move in the world.

I love learning new recipes, collaborating on creative projects, swimming, intuitive cooking, resting, playing, exploring, surfing, fasting for spiritual purposes, learning, dancing, adventuring, traveling, photography, self-growth, and the evolution of self.

Lifestyle is something I believe can be lived with vibrancy, discipline, rest, energy, and movement.

My lifestyle is based on a strong set of core beliefs in alignment with self-love, courage, strength, faith, spirituality, discipline, manifestation, connection with mind, body, and spirit, health, self-growth, and kingdom works.

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New Health Posts.

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Happy Couple
White Walls
Loving yourself, and having the courage to accept where you are, is the milestone for your health.

Wherever you are its a great place to begin.

What does loving yourself mean?

Being there for yourself, no matter where you may find yourself at.

Accepting and loving both temporary and non-temporary aspects of yourself.

What does healing mean to you?

Being present with the most infinite parts of you, while healing the finite aspects of you.

Having the courage to accept the body as it is,

the physical home that houses you.

Our bodies are temporary vehicles, that can help transport us into vitality and optimized health, or can take us into poor states of health and low quality of life.

Whatever the case may be our body houses our brain, our mind, our thoughts, and our emotions.

We are the controllers of our health.

It is time to take the power back, from those temporary circumstances, judgements, childhood trauma, low self-esteem and that tedious negative self-talk.

Feeling good in your body is not a luxury, it is the gift we were given and must reclaim.

Once you believe you are worthy, you're life will change.

Aún no hay ninguna entrada publicada en este idioma
Una vez que se publiquen entradas, las verás aquí.
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